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Now and again, a question keeps popping up on the academic side of my Twitter timeline regarding citation practices by trans authors, about what to do when works are published under different names at different points in a scholar’s career. The most inelegant, but quite illuminating, formulation I’ve seen is this one:

Here I address best practices when…

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Guillem Clua’s riveting twitter thread #EmilYXaver begins with his narrator voice telling us about a chance discovery: that of a WWI gravestone in a small cemetery in Sighisoara, Romania, where two men are buried together. Over the course of more than a week, Clua weaves a story of around 200 tweets-worth about uncovering why these two men, Emil Muler and Xaver Sumer, who went to the same small-town high school, lay resting under the same grave-marker. Presenting documentary evidence (photographs, paintings and letters, as well as a death certificate) and following clues across the geography and demography of the town…

The very first ten zines released as a collection. Photo (c) Ana Hine

So, you’ve seen the awesome Miscellany zines. They are great, aren’t they? Have you heard that they received the British Library Labs award for Teaching and Learning? That you can share them as zines, as well as online with direct links to the source manuscripts? That they benefit from the fact that, unlike academic publications, you get 8 full-colour medieval images to tell a story that you are working on RIGHT NOW? No waiting for editors and crowdfunding for printing costs; no liaising with imaging services or going through year-long peer reviews. You want to make one that reflects your…

Jonah Coman

[pron. Ko-mahn] // Dr of queer medieval theology // Gender outlaw written for the stage // Dazzle and confuse // Greyhound sidekick

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